Providence College Elite Camp Attendees

Last year’s Elite Camp was very memorable because there was a lot of talk about a PC ‘Fab 5’ with Abu, Chukwu, Lindsey, Joseph and Terrell. PC coordinator of basketball ops Mike Jackson even set up a phone call for Abu, Chukwu, Joseph, Terrell and 2015 Donovan Mitchell (Lindsey was not at the Elite Camp) with former Michigan Fab Five member, Chris Webber. All of the stops were being pulled out.

Chukwu and Lindsey obviously wound up at PC (and Lindsey was already committed prior to the Elite Camp last summer) but Abu chose NC State, Joseph chose Syracuse and Terrell chose Oklahoma State then URI. Donovan Mitchell wasn’t planning on attending this year’s camp anyway due to a family reunion but I would think Thursday night’s commitment to Louisville solidifies his absence.

Here are the players that I have confirmed will be at this year’s Elite Camp by class and last name (I’ll update this if more names are confirmed):

Watch some video from last season’s Elite Camp courtesy of our friend FriarTV:

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