#pcbb Bubble Watch Update 3/14/14

The Friars were big winners yesterday not only on the court at MSG, but they also were winners because some other bubble teams were losers in their conference tournaments. The key teams that fell on Thursday were Arkansas, California, Utah and of course, St. John’s who was 1 spot ahead of the Friars prior to yesterday’s game. Some other bubble teams did win (Pitt, Stanford, Dayton, Xavier, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado) but most of those were already ahead of PC so them winning isn’t the worst thing.

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has moved PC from his last four out, to the last team of the last four in category. CBS’ Jerry Palm has PC 2 spots better but still in the last four in category. Obviously that’s still pretty precarious and you’d like to take things out of the hands of the committee and just keep winning but Seton Hall has shown that they won’t lay down and die without putting up a fight. It’s not a total guarantee that the Friars will be in with a win tonight, though a loss would seem to knock them at least back to the bottom of the bubble pile because SHU’s RPI is over 100 so it would be considered another “bad loss”.

After yesterday’s road win against St. John’s and the rest of the action around college basketball, Providence’s RPI is sitting at 51.

Two games that could help boost PC’s RPI tonight are:

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