2017-18 Schedule

Time (ET)
10/25Wed7:00 PMConnecticut#Mohegan Sun ArenaBEDNW
10/28Sat4:00 PMCarleton University#Dunkin’ Donuts CenterN/AL
11/4Sat2:00 PMBaruch College#Dunkin’ Donuts CenterN/AW
11/10Fri7:00 PMHouston Baptist~Alumni HallFSNW
11/13Mon6:30 PM(14) Minnesota%Dunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1L
11/16Thurs9:30 PMWashington~Madison Square GardenESPN2W
11/17Fri7:30 PMSaint Louis~Madison Square GardenESPN2
11/22Wed7:00 PMBelmont~Dunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
11/25Sat8:00 PMBoston CollegeDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
11/29Wed7:00 PMRiderDunkin’ Donuts CenterFSN
12/2Sat5:00 PMRhode IslandRyan CenterCBSSN
12/6Wed7:00 PMBrownDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS2
12/9Sat3:00 PMMassachusettsMullins CenterNESN
12/17Sat2:30 PMStony BrookDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
12/20Wed7:00 PMHouston^Mohegan Sun ArenaESPNU
12/22Fri6:30 PMSacred HeartDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
12/28Thurs7:00 PMSt. John'sCarnesseca ArenaFSN
12/31Sun2:30 PMCreightonCenturyLink CenterFS1
1/3Wed6:30 PMMarquetteDunkin’ Donuts CenterCBSSN
1/6Sat12:00 PMXavierDunkin’ Donuts CenterFOX
1/12Fri8:30 PMDePaulWintrust ArenaFS1
1/15Mon4:30 PMButlerDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
1/20Sat3:00 PMCreightonDunkin’ Donuts CenterCBSSN
1/23Tues6:30 PMVillanovaWells Fargo CenterFS1
1/31Wed7:00 PMSeton HallPrudential CenterFS1
2/3Sat2:30 PMMarquetteBradley CenterFS1
2/6Tues8:30 PMGeorgetownDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
2/10Sat4:30 PMDePaulDunkin’ Donuts CenterFSN
2/14Wed7:00 PMVillanovaDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1
2/17Sat12:00 PMButlerHinkle FieldhosueFOX
2/21Wed6:30 PMSeton HallDunkin’ Donuts CenterFS1/FSN
2/24Sat12:00 PMGeorgetownCapital One ArenaCBSSN
2/28Wed6:30 PMXavierCintas CenterFS1
3/3SatSt. John'sDunkin’ Donuts CenterTBA
3/8ThursBig East TournamentMadison Square GardenTBA
3/9FriBig East TournamentMadison Square GardenTBA
3/10SatBig East TournamentMadison Square GardenTBA
*Hurricane Benefit#Exhibition ~2K Classic^Hall of Fame Showcase0-02-1

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