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Providence’s Academic Progress Rate Continues Upward Trend

The NCAA released the latest Academic Progress Rate (APR) data on Wednesday and, once again, the Providence men’s basketball team saw their multi-year rate trending up. Since the arrival of Ed Cooley in the spring of 2011 the multi-year APR has increased after a dip following Cooley’s first season due largely to transfers. From a nadir of 915 following the 2011-12 season, Providence’s APR has skyrocketed to a high of 984 for the 2015-16 season, the latest year data is available. That marks the best multi-year APR in school history.
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Deep Breaths, Friartown: Better Season Than Expected Edition, Perspective

I did a post like this after the news of Paschal Chukwu’s transfer broke back in May of 2015. That edition of “Deep Breaths, Friartown” was more about trying to make lemonade out of lemons while trying to shake of the seemingly illogical move by Chukwu to leave a starting role with a lottery pick point guard in Kris Dunn. Time — and plenty of on-court success since the big man went north to Syracuse — has moved Chukwu’s out of nowhere decision off most Providence fans’ radars. The current hot button topic that is the motivation for this post is the no-show performance by Providence in their Big East Tournament quarterfinal game on Thursday night. While it was painful to watch and I’m sure Friar fans turned off the TV or walked out of Madison Square Garden with a bad taste in their mouths, it’s important to keep things in perspective. And that’s ultimately why I’m writing this. Perspective.

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NCAA Has Released Academic Progress Rate (APR) Scores

Friar fans will remember the controversy surrounding an Associated Press article from March titled “Study: 8 teams fall below standard”. The Academic Progress Rate or APR as it is more commonly known, is a concept that can make people’s heads spin. The quick and dirty explanation of APR is:

Every player on a basketball scholarship is eligible for 2 APR points each semester. 1 point is given for eligibility and 1 point is given for retention. To calculate the APR for a specific season, you add up all the points earned, divide them by the potential points then multiply by 1000. Ex: Total points available for a year is 52. 1 player is ineligible each semester so the points earned is 50. 50/52=0.961 and multiply by 1000 to get a whole number of 961.

There are exceptions to the 2 points per semester including a player leaving early to play professionally or a player transferring with a GPA of 2.6 or higher but the above is the basics.

The news today officially confirms what Providence College Athletic Director, Bob Driscoll, told everyone after the AP story was published: Providence’s APR is just fine. In fact, it’s exactly what Driscoll said it would be – 947.

The NCAA released the 2012-13 APR scores for all Division 1 basketball teams today. As Bob Driscoll indicated, the Friars’ APR is a above board. The rules for this upcoming season are that you have to either have a multi-year APR score of 930 or a most recent two year average of 940. PC clearly is eligible with their multi-year score being 947. Ed Cooley has had to pick up the pieces from the Keno Davis era so it should be noted that of this multi-year average, Cooley has only been at PC for 2 of the 4 years reported.

There were no real notable schools that will face a postseason ban. The schools who won’t be eligible to compete in the postseason in 2014-15 are: Alabama State University, Appalachian State University, Florida A&M University, Houston Baptist University, Lamar University, San Jose State University, University of Central Arkansas, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Despite no notable high major schools on the list, John Infante gave a list of 7 power conference schools that have some concerns with their APR and one bad year could put their postseason eligibility in jeopardy. His article mentions former Big East members UConn and Syracuse along with a team that has been in the news of late for negative reason in Oregon. It’s worth the read and if you are interested click here.

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