#pcbb Bracketology Update 2/13/14

Joe Lunardi has PC as a 12 seed in a First Round play-in game against Florida State in the East Region (updated on 2/13).

Jerry Palm has PC as an 11 seed playing Oklahoma in the Midwest Region (updated on 2/10).

Bracket Matrix, which updated yesterday at 3:47pm, has PC’s average seed as an 11 but they are only in 47 of 72 brackets.

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How #pcbb Can Boost Their RPI Today 2/13/14

There were six  games for RPI boostability last night for the Friars.  In those games, the results went 2-3 (BC vs. GTech postponed due to weather) against the Friars. UMass losing at home to a bad George Mason team really did PC no favors from an RPI perspective. PC’s RPI is now at 56 (was 54).

A new portion of this daily post will include the 10 teams with the biggest impact (5 positive plus PC themseleves, 5 negative) on PC’s RPI. This value is via RPI Forecast. For an explanation of this value, click here.

Top 5 Negative

Team Conf Curr Wgt Fut Wgt Curr W/L Exp W/L Curr Impact Exp Impact ▾
Maine AE 2.13 1.70 19.05 20.21 -1.32 -1.01
Fairfield MAAC 2.04 1.67 20.83 23.63 -1.19 -0.88
Boston College ACC 2.09 1.67 23.81 24.14 -1.09 -0.86
DePaul BE 2.59 4.08 43.48 40.36 -0.34 -0.79
Marist MAAC 2.08 1.69 39.13 39.34 -0.45 -0.36

Top 5 Positives

Team Conf Curr Wgt Fut Wgt Curr W/L Exp W/L Curr Impact Exp Impact ▴
Providence BE 26.35 26.31 62.14 59.12 6.39 4.80
Villanova BE 2.55 4.10 90.91 87.69 2.09 3.09
Creighton BE 2.59 4.07 86.36 83.29 1.88 2.71
Xavier BE 4.47 4.07 71.43 66.13 1.91 1.31
Massachusetts A10 2.13 1.72 81.82 78.08 1.36 0.97
St. John’s BE 4.47 4.08 63.64 61.92 1.22 0.97

Three games tonight for PC to get some RPI assistance.

Per Jerry Palm’s “Palm Reader”:‌

#pcbb Links of the Day 2/13/14

2014 PG Recruit: Austin Tilghman #pcbb

It seems like lately the Friars have seemingly had depth at the beginning of the season only to have that depth evaporate rapidly before their eyes. Last year it was Kris Dunn needing surgery then Vincent Council slipping on a silly court decal (since outlawed by the NCAA, thankfully). This year it was again Kris Dunn needing surgery and then the Austin/Bullock situation that led to both players being suspended for the entire school year and ultimately Brandon Austin deciding to move on to Oregon.

The “iron 6” has been pretty fun to watch in stretches this season but it appears they have been running on E the last few times out. Having some depth at the guard position would be very helpful right about now. It seems that Ed Cooley and his staff are doing their best to make sure there will be plenty of guard depth on next year’s roster.

One name that has surfaced over the last month or so is 2014 PG recruit, Austin Tilghman. Austin is a native of Middletown, DE and is a former high school and current AAU teammate of 2014 PC commit, Ben Bentil. One interesting note that I was not aware of before speaking with Austin is that he and Bentil are much more than teammates. Bentil lives with Tilghman. Bentil calls Austin’s mother, “Mom” and his father, “Dad”.

Bentil and Tilghman are brothers.
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