It’s Officially the College Basketball Season and I Need Your Support

It’s finally time for the ball to go up. The 2017-18 season tips off tomorrow all across the country and with everything that’s been going on off the court it will be nice to finally see some real games take place. After the 2016-17 season ended in early April I wrote a post asking for your help to improve both the site and my coverage of Providence basketball. With the help I received from the wonderful patrons who have signed up over the last 7 months I’ve been able to greatly enhance the site.

Many of the upgrades aren’t necessarily noticeable, but I assure you that the backend of the website, how it’s hosted and my flexibility with what I can do here now has been greatly improved. I big thank you to everyone that has contributed and continues to contribute. The other goal I had for this season was, with help of patrons, to enhance my coverage of the Friars. Technically every home game for Providence is a “road” game for me as I don’t live in Rhode Island. Driving up to Providence and back home, as I will be doing on Friday for the season opener and Monday for the Gavitt Tipoff Games against Minnesota, takes a toll.

With the heavy lifting of the technical upgrades largely done at this point, the goal I now have with my Patreon account is to help pay for my travel, including the occasional hotel in Providence so I don’t have to drive home in the middle of the night on a Tuesday in February. Additionally, I would like to follow the Friars on the road to cover games in person from the likes of DePaul’s new Wintrust Arena and Xavier’s Cintas Center, not to mention eventually getting out to Omaha to experience the CenturyLink Center in full force.

What I’m asking doesn’t come with an anonymous thank you. Depending on the level at which you support the site you will get access to….me, basically. For less than a cup of coffee each month you get access to a Slack chat community that is currently 30 people deep where we chat about all things Providence basketball, including a private Recruiting chat. I’ll also be getting back into the podcasting game now that the season is here and one potential perk of becoming a patron is having me give you a personal “thank you” each and every podcast. If you really get generous I’ll even bring you on the podcast as a guest. Take a look at the different levels of support.

So, consider helping out. The current monthly goal is $250 and I’m close to hitting it. Anything over the $250 will be donated to the Providence College Angel Fund. For more information on the great things the Angel Fund does for students at PC, click here.

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