Providence to Host Annual Elite Camp June 25th

Providence will host their annual Elite Camp on Sunday and two of the Friars top recruits in the class of 2018 will be in attendance. Elite Camps are a great way for players to get onto a campus and see the facilities, the coaching staff and the school’s players. I attended Providence’s Elite Camp two summers ago and, as I wrote after that year, I found the value of the camp to be more about relationship development between the Providence coaching staff and potential recruits than player evaluation. Ed Cooley and his staff are excellent at both, but this weekend will be more about relationship building, showing off the Providence campus and the plans for the Ruane Friar Development Center that is expected to be ready by September of 2018, just in time for the 2018 class to arrive on campus.

Here are the players that I have confirmed will be at this year’s Elite Camp by class and last name (I’ll update this as more names are confirmed):

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

  • Javarzia Belton
  • Chris Burnell
  • Caleb Burgess
  • Tyler Burton
  • Kendall Bynum
  • Charles Coleman
  • Evan Cook
  • Jarron Flynn
  • James Gascoigne
  • Kavon James
  • DeMarr Langford
  • Jordan Mason
  • Jordan Minor
  • Tanahj Pettway
  • Steven Randle
  • Marty Silvera
  • Jaylin Stewart
  • Khyree Temple
  • Rakesh Tibby
  • Jamaal Waters

Class of 2020

  • Jhamyl Fricas
  • Dallion Johnson
  • Shomar Leaphart

Providence Elite Camp 2017 Attendees

Jersey #PlayerYearSchoolAAU
1Jarrel Okorougo2021Rivers SchoolMass Rivals
2Jarnel Guzman2020St. John's PrepBABC
3Caleb Burgess2019WestRidge AcademyBig Shots Elite
4Glen Anderson2019Brooklyn Collegiate PrepMetro Celtics
5Majesty Johnson2020Brooklyn Collegiate PrepMetro Celtics
6Kendall Bynum2019Western BranchTeam Loaded VA
7Kavon James2019Cox HSTeam Thrill
8Dante Bouchard2020Gloversville HSBABC
9Tyler Washington2018Hun SchoolPSA Cardinals
10Jarron Santos
11David Duke2018Cushing AcademyMass Rivals
12Sean Duke2019Classical HSMass Rivals
13Tyler Bertram2019Vermont AcademyNY Jayhawks
14Quran McPherson2020Patrick SchoolPSA Cardinals
15Terion Moss2018Portland HSMaine Blue Wave
16Kurtis Henderson2021Catholic MemorialBABC
17Shamar Leaphart2020Windsor HighCBC
18Tanahj Pettway2019Putnam Science AcademyMass Rivals
19Deng Adiang2019Vermont AcademyLone Wolf
20Alex Bent2020Parsippany Christian
21Evan Cook2019Groton-Dunstable HSMass Elite
22Jarron Flynn2019Catholic MemorialMass Rivals
23Tyler Burton2019Marianapois PrepMass Rivals
24Matt Cross2020St. Mary'sBABC
25George Gamble2018Windsor HighCT Select
26Julian Mincey2018Weymouth HSBoston Bobacts
27Keigan Kerby2019Brooks SchoolMass Rivals
28James Gascoigne2019Arlington HSMass Elite
29Jack Cowan2018Bedford HSMass Elite
30Charles Noonan2019Brooklyn Collegiate PrepMetro Celtics
31Jhamyl Fricas2020Lawrence HSMass Rivals
32Khyree Temple2019Phoebus HSBoo Williams
33Jimmy Yfantopulos2018Brimmer & MayMass Rivals
34DeMar Langford2019St. Peter-MarianMass Rivals
35Chris Matthews2018Newton North HSMass Elite
36Brycen Goodine2019St. Andrew'sBABC
37Kani Glover2018Catholic MemorialMass Elite
38Gianni Thompson2021Beaver Country DayMass Rivals
39Eli Coleman2020
40Djeison Resende2020Charlestown HSMass Rivals
41AJ Jaramilo2018Cardinal SpellmanMass Elite
45Jaylin Stewart2019Walsingham HSBoo Wiliams
46Dallion Johnson2020Phillips AcademyMass Rivals
47Chris Burnell2019Rockford East HSIllinois Stars
48Josh Grey2020PSA Cardinals
49Alex Rivera2019Lowell HSMass Rivals
51Chris Camille2019Brookline HSMass Rivals
52Rakesh Tibby2019East Catholic HSMass Rivals
53Jordan Minor2019Brimmer & MayMass Rivals
54Wildens Leveque2019Foxboro Regional HSMass Rivals
63Jamaal Waters2019Canterbury SchoolMass Rivals
64Jayden Brown2019BABC
65John Korte2018Watertown HSMass Elite
66Steve Randle2019WestRidge AcademyBig Shot Elite
67Javarzia Belton2019Calhoun FallsBig Shot Elite
68Erlyn Ramirez2019Brooklyn Collegiate PrepMetro Celtics
69Kekoa Mcardle2021St. Joseph CentralBABC
70Mitchell Doherty2019Worcester AcademyBABC
71Keegan Records2018South KingstownRI Cyclones


  • 2019 Akok Akok and Taelon Martin will not be in attendance because they are out in California attending the 2019/2020 session of the adidas Nations Camp that is June 25th through June 29th. Duke and Reeves are playing in the 2018 session, which begins on June 27th.

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