Annual Big East Meetings Underway in Florida

The Big East conference is holding their annual offseason meetings in Ponte Vedra, FL this week. The meetings will be lead by Big East commissioner Val Ackerman and will include “planning sessions with the ten-member school’s athletic directors, senior woman administrators, and men’s and women’s basketball head coaches,” according to a release sent out by the league. The meetings began on Monday and the agenda items include:

  • The 2018 men’s Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden
  • The location of the 2018 women’s Big East Tournament
  • The continued relationship with Fox and the Big East
  • Student-athlete welfare
  • New initiatives for the upcoming season

In addition to league and school administrators and coaches there will also be executives in attendance, including Fox Sports EVP Larry Jones, The Madison Square Garden Company EVP Joel Fisher, and NCAA SVP Dan Gavitt. Former Big East coaches and current Fox broadcasters Bill Raftery and Steve Lavin will also be in Ponte Vedra this week for meetings.

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One thought on “Annual Big East Meetings Underway in Florida”

  1. Val, Stu,

    I emailed Stu with 3-4 emails earlier. Talking in terms of Building-Expanding-growing the BEDN to become (one of) our main income stream(s).

    Also emailed in efforts to build upon our annual overseas trips (ea school 1 every 4 years) via a concerted and coordinated effort from the conference, in conjunction with national and international league partners. Such an endeavor would incorporate, youth, overseas teams, and officials in training(s), community outreach, as well as games played.

    I would be happy to lead such an expanded, BE Branded effort with coordination and credit to the conference and our partners. In fact I have an outline with potential countries to target, co-sponsors to partner with, and can coordinate with the member schools to outline timelines, etc.

    The BEDN, international outreach, and training are synergistic and can entrench the conference internationally with fans, increased viewership, and online participants.

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