Providence’s Rodney Bullock Testing NBA Draft Waters

Providence junior Rodney Bullock will put his name into the NBA Draft to test the waters,’s Jeff Goodman tweeted. Bullock is taking advantage of the rule change made in January 2016 that allow college players to enter the NBA Draft multiple times and still maintain their eligibility to return to school as long as they don’t hire an agent. Goodman’s tweet indicates Bullock is not going to sign with an agent.

Since the rule change there has been an explosion of players declaring for the draft with no real intention of leaving. Some of the benefits of taking advantage of the rule are that players can participate in the NBA Draft Combine, if invited, and they can also workout for one NBA team. This means the player can receive direct feedback instead of only being able to hear things through his college head coach. The NCAA deadline for players to withdraw from the draft and return to school is 10 days after the combine. This year that means the NCAA deadline is May 24th.

Last season both Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil declared for the NBA Draft and hired agents. Dunn was taken 5th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves and Bentil was drafted 51st overall by the Boston Celtics. Bentil is currently playing with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants after a brief stint as an injury replacement in China. Dunn has played 69 games for the Twolves and is averaging 3.9 points/game and 2.2 assists/game in 17.0 minutes/game.

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