Junior Lomomba Leaving Providence to “Explore Other Opportunities”

The first scholarship domino has fallen and it comes in the form of redshirt junior Junior Lomomba opting not to return to Providence of his 5th and final year of eligibility. Providence sent out a release with the information on Wednesday. Lomomba came to Friartown after a season at Cleveland State and played 66 games for the Friars. He averaged 3.6 points/game and 1.9 rebounds/game in a Providence uniform. Beyond the stats, Lomomba was a good defender and provided leadership, especially last season as a captain who started all 35 games. The native of Montreal graduate in May.

“I want to thank my coaching staff and Providence College for allowing me to come in and perform on the basketball court as well as in my academics,” Lomomba said in a release sent out by Providence. “I also want to thank my teammates and all of our supporters. My three years at Providence College have been some of the best years of my life as I have seen myself grow into a man.  I’ve had the opportunity to build relationships that go far beyond basketball. For those reasons I will forever be a Friar. However, as I’m graduating, I have decided to explore other opportunities that would benefit both my family and me. I am looking forward to facing new challenges in my future endeavors.”

“We want to wish Junior all the best in his future plans,” Providence Head Coach Ed Cooley said.  “Junior provided so much to the program over the last three seasons.  His leadership and work ethic were integral to our team’s success.  We appreciate all his contributions to Friar basketball.”

This now means Providence has at least one open scholarship for the 2016-17 season, with Ben Bentil’s status still up in the air in terms of whether or not he will stay in the 2016 NBA Draft. Providence is targeting Brewster Academy wing Alpha Diallo and Orangeville Prep big man Kalif Young. Diallo visited Providence the weekend of April 8th and Young is expected to be on campus sometime in May.

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7 thoughts on “Junior Lomomba Leaving Providence to “Explore Other Opportunities””

  1. Hey Hopkins. Where do you think if you had to guess Junior Lomomba ends up playing next season? He brings a lot of stuff to the table. Friars fans were hard on him at points for his offensive game but he improved in every category while at Providence. I think any school in the MAAC conference and or CAA conference (similar to what Brice Kofane did) is in Lomombas near future.

  2. Pro opportunities? Interesting? I say he goes to another academic institution and works on getting his masters (Similar to what Bilal Dixon and Brice Kofane did).

  3. Hey Hopkins looks like I stand correct here. You reply in the blog with “doesn’t sound like he’s looking to play anywhere in college next season. Sounds to me like he wants to explore some pro opportunities.”

    1. Congrats to you. He visited Western Kentucky a few weeks ago and has decided to finish up his eligibility there. All signs were pointing to Lomomba going going pro, including what he allegedly told Cooley (from the Projo):

      “Cooley said Lomomba came to him and after being away from his home in Montreal for the last 10 years expressed a desire to explore a chance to make money for his family in basketball or via another line of work.”

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