Friars Lose: (1) Villanova 76, (4) Providence 68

Final Score
(4) Providence 68
(1) Villanova 76
Leading Scorer Leading Rebounder
(4) Providence Bullock: 18 Bullock: 7
(1) Villanova Jenkins: 21 Arcidiacono: 7

  • Ben Bentil managed only 3 points and 6 rebounds before fouling out with 9:40 left in the second half. He played 26 minutes with most of those coming in the first half.
  • Providence battled with Villanova despite being down the Big East leading scorer and kept the score tight down the stretch.
  • Rodney Bullock dealt with a bit of first half foul trouble, but was Providence’s best offensive weapon, finishing with 18 points.
  • Kris Dunn had a solid game but was a little gun shy shooting jump shots. He finished with 9 points and 6 assists and was just 1/8 from the field.
  • Kyron Cartwright was the only other Friar in double figures with 14 points.
  • The Friars will now await Selection Sunday to see where they will be heading for the First Round of the NCAA Tournament.

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6 thoughts on “Friars Lose: (1) Villanova 76, (4) Providence 68”

  1. A broken record for me on Dunn. Everyone makes excuses for him every bad game, which are many. 1/8 from field. 7/12 from line. Got lit up by Arch. But he is conference POY having had less than 5 good games all year. He is the most overrated player of any sport I have ever followed.
    Bright side – Kyron will be good for rest of career.

    1. Don’t agree. He is a great defensive player. Although many offensive mistakes were made (turnovers unacceptable), he focuses on assists, steals, rebounds and interior shooting. He has had some bad offensive games but he sets the standard on the defensive end. The Butler game, he was fabulous. PC would have been OK but Nova strategy to get Bentil to foul out was perfect. When he did……game, set, match.

  2. There is a huge difference between the single coverage Archi gets and the double and triple teams Dunn was up against every possession. Have Jay Wright let Archi cover Dunn and you would see that they play on different levels and how wrong you (KB) are.

  3. Great players get extra attention in every sport, but this seems to have been a new concept made for Dunn. Lots of inexperienced basketball viewers make the excuse that Dunn gets double-teamed. If scouts watch every game that I did they’d see a player who can’t shoot, has a poor handle, trips on him own feet too often, and forces to players to have to jump to catch his passes. I despise almost every aspect of his game and hate how overrated he is.

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