Big East Bracketology Update 2/20/15

Joe Lunardi came out with his regular Thursday bracket update and now Jerry Palm is out with his Friday bracket update. Lunardi and Palm both have 6 teams in from the Big East but Palm is higher on St. John’s than Lunardi and they also disagree on seed lines for a couple other Big East schools.

Here is a breakdown of Palm’s latest bracket:

  • Villanova – #2 seed in East vs. #15 Northeastern – AQ for Big East
  • Butler – #4 seed in South vs. #13 Harvard
  • Providence – #6 seed in South vs. #11 Stanford/Boise St
  • Georgetown – #7 seed in East vs. #10 Iowa
  • St. John’s – #8 seed in East vs. #9 LSU
  • Xavier – #10 seed in Midwest vs. #7 Wichita State

St. John’s is a 12 seed and part of the “Last Four In” category for Lunardi but Palm has them all the way up to an 8 seed in his latest bracket. 4 lines is a massive disparity. Palm also has Georgetown and Xavier down 1 seed line from where Lunardi has them. Both have 6 teams in and it looks like Palm thinks 6 is more likely than Lunardi who has St. John’s teetering on the edge of being in the field at all.

Conference Breakdown

The 2015 Bracket Matrix is a very informative site and I think it adds value to the bracketology discussion so I’ll be featuring a section in these bracketology updates with information like average seed, number of brackets Providence appears in and a few other things. The appeal of is that they are sort of like a composite bracket.

  • Bracket Matrix Average Seed for Providence: 6.47
  • Numbers of Brackets Providence appears in: 93/93
  • Best Seed: 3
  • Worst Seed: 9
  • Last updated: 2/19/15 5:24pm

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