Providence’s Cooley Confirms Bullock Lost for the Season

Ed Cooley confirmed to The Providence Journal’s Kevin McNamara that Rodney Bullock has torn his ACL and will be out for the entire 2014-15 season. While this hurts for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that Bullock will now have to sit for a second straight season at Providence, as long as Ben Bentil gets cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse it will soften the immediate blow as Cooley will still have depth in the frontcourt. The injury occurred during one of the team’s first few  practices of the season on Sunday, October 5th.

Cooley’s comments from McNamara’s article:

“I feel awful for Rodney. It’s very unfortunate,” Cooley said. “He’s had a rough go of it here but he’s committed to working on his academics and rehabbing and coming back with us next year.”

Bullock was slated to be a solid contributor this season and put up impressive numbers during the Friars’ Italy trip, albeit against lesser competition. It’s good to hear that Bullock will stay at Providence and if he gets approved for a medical redshirt he would essentially join the class of 2015 recruiting class which would mean that class now contains 4 members and the 2014 freshman class contains 5.

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