Friartown Fan Voice: I Want to Hear from You Friar Fans

I’m going to start a new site feature, Friartown Fan Voice, that will really come into form more during the season but I want to get it started now so there is plenty of time for you all to make your voices heard and if the response is good enough with recruiting questions/comments then maybe I’ll put together something sooner.

This will kind of be a mix of a podcast and a call in sports talk radio show. I’m looking for you to call in with questions, comments, concerns or really any thoughts relating to Providence College basketball. I’ve set up a Google Voice phone number for you to call in and leave your voicemails. Please include your name and hometown so that I can reference you correctly. I tried to get a Google number with a 401 area code but they weren’t any available so I went with my local 516.

The number to call is (516) 500-PCBB (7222) so give it a shot and have your voice heard.


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