2 thoughts on “Poll: What position should LaDontae Henton see the majority of his minutes at during the 2014-15 season?”

  1. smh…….such an educated fanbase we have here

    Let’s take one of the premier rebounders in the history of Providence College and turn him into a SG just because an article about him sharpening his perimeter skills dropped a week ago??? is that really where we’re at???

    I like the idea of putting him on the wing where he can gain more perimeter experience but also stay closer to the low block where he can remain in position to still work the glass(particularly on defense)instead of chasing faster more athletic 2G’s around the 3 point line!!

    This poll should have had 2 options and sadly the one that should’ve been excluded leads the way.

    basketball 101 fellas

  2. Henton is a scoring forward therefore he his a Small Forward. In some roatioins he can play Power Forward and in some he can play SG. I like him this year with a Healthy Kris Dunn. Friars should repeat as Big East Champs

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