New Site Feature: Friar Crystal Ball

I’m excited to finally launch a new site feature: Friar Crystal Ball.

First some housekeeping.

You can find the link to this new site feature on the left side of the top menu just below the page header. Clicking on the “Friar Crystal Ball” link will take you to the main page which shows recent picks by class. Or if you are looking for a specific player and know what class he is in, you can hover over the link and you will have 3 options to click: Class of 2015, Class of 2016 and Class of 2017.

All the players listed are PC recruits and all of the people making picks are PC writers/bloggers/insiders. I want to thank Richard Coren, Steve Hartnett, Danny James, Kevin San and our friend FriarTV for being willing to participate and help enhance this site feature.

In addition to this new site feature, there is a site feature that has was launched a couple months back that I haven’t publicized too much but now that the first July live period is upon us, I think it’s a good time to remind you that the “Where is Cooley and the Staff?” feature is also on the top menu and I’ll do my best to keep that updated as I find out where our hard working coaching staff is throughout the month of July and beyond.

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2 thoughts on “New Site Feature: Friar Crystal Ball”

  1. I read your piece on Big East Coast Bias and the site wouldn’t let me comment there so I will do it here. You mentioned that PC might not have the weapons to be an effective pick & roll team this year(as they were last season). While I agree Harris will be one of the main options replacing Kadeem I think you will be surprised by Rodney Bullock. Look for Rodney to be the starting #4 man and Kadeem’s main replacement out of the pick & pop.

    starting 5 : Dunn, Lindsey. Henton, Bullock, Desroisers

    with Harris & Lomomba providing great experience & versatility off the bench……Easy Ed loves experience off the bench

    1. I’m expecting Bullock to have a good season especially after essentially redshirting last year but I just don’t see how Harris swallows 2 freshmen starting over him. I’m hoping to get up to Alumni Hall to watch some practice soon so perhaps I’ll get a better feel for how each player might be used. The article I wrote was assigned to me. I would have preferred to wait on writing until I saw the new guys with my own eyes but that didn’t happen. I’m sure Cooley will just be happy to actually have a bench to go to this season!

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