Bryce Cotton Goes Undrafted

It’s nothing new for Bryce Cotton. He is being overlooked again by evaluators. Last time it was colleges. This time it’s NBA executives. Cotton sat through all 60 picks without hearing his name called while players with names no one can pronounce were picked only to be stashed in Europe for a year or more in most cases for team’s to develop and save cap space.

I’m told that there was interest from San Antonio to draft Cotton but they wanted him to agree to be stashed overseas. Ultimately it appears Cotton will have plenty of suitors as an undrafted free agent so he will be able to select the best situation. While he showed very well in his workouts, the draft continues to be more about potential, upside and measurables than purely good basketball players so Cotton will have to earn his way onto an NBA roster by showing well during NBA Summer league and training camp.

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