Iron Man Bryce Cotton Goes for 3 This Week

It appears that Bryce Cotton’s NBA Draft chances are picking up some steam as more teams are scheduling workouts with him after hearing how well he has performed in other team’s workouts. Bryce’s agent, Charles Bonsignore told me “the fact that he has done so well in other workouts has teams taking notice.” This shouldn’t come as a shock to any Friar fans because it is well known that Cotton has the work ethic that is required to be successful at the next level. He has been working hard with God Shammgod when he isn’t on the road working out for teams.

The latest team to jump in is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Originally this week, Cotton was scheduled to work out for the Washington Wizards on Wednesday and then the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday but he will now fit the Cavs in on Thursday instead of having a day off. “We realize that it is a tough task, but Bryce’s desire to play in the NBA made it an easy decision for him. He did not flinch when I asked him if he was up for 3 workouts in 3 days,” Bonsignore said.

After being subjected to the infamous Boston Marathon drill at the Boston Celtics workout, Cotton told’s Ben Watanabe, “to my advantage, I had to play pretty much every minute of every game this year, so my body’s used to always being on the go.” Bryce is not far off when he says he played “pretty much every minute of every game this year.” He played 1398 total minutes last season in 35 games which is an average of 39.95 minutes per game. For those unaware, a regulation college game has 40 minutes. Cotton now owns Providence All-time records for minutes per game in a season (previously held by Jimmy Walker, 39.68 mpg), minutes played in a season (shattering the previous mark which he was tied with Billy Donovan at 1234 minutes) and  minutes played in a career, 4314 (previously held by Donnie McGrath, 4,128). In short, he is the owner of every minute related record at Providence College except points per minute where he is in the top 15 all-time. He also possesses elite athletic ability but someone should probably let ESPN’s Chad Ford know that.

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There are 17 days until the NBA Draft takes place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. As of now, Cotton currently has a work out scheduled with the Indiana Pacers next week but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more teams reached out to get him in for a work out prior to the draft.


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