BREAKING: Ted Bancroft to Apply for 5th Year Medical Redshirt

Well it’s not the 5th year senior we were expecting but it appears Ted Bancroft will return for a 5th year at PC. Ted said he is now in the process of applying for the waiver so this isn’t a done deal quite yet. I must admit I have my doubts about him being granted the waiver because the rules seem pretty clear that you cannot play in any games beyond the 1st half of the season and still be granted a “medical redshirt”. Ted played in only 3 games his freshman year but one of them was in the 2nd half of the season unless ESPN game logs are lying right to my face.

This has been a possibility all offseason but I have to think the Josh Fortune departure and the fact that the Friars now have 3 open scholarships made it easier for both Ted and Ed Cooley to pull the trigger on this move.

UPDATE 1:47pm – I spoke with NCAA Compliance expert, John Infante via Twitter and he informed me that the rule regarding not playing in any games beyond the 1st half of a season still applies but one interesting note that he mentioned- “You can get a waiver of the waiver, but you need some compelling justification.” So maybe that’s the angle that Ted is taking.

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ted Bancroft to Apply for 5th Year Medical Redshirt”

  1. I would bet lots of money that Ted is further along in the waiver process than he is leading on, I sincerely doubt he’d be tweeting #imback if he’s still at the mercy of NCAA compliance, especially since it seems like such a longshot to begin with, Ted isn’t dumb. It was floated around March that this was a possiblilty, so I’d say there has been significant progress since then.behind the scenes.

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