BREAKING: Marquette Hires Duke Assoc HC Steve Wojciechowski, per Jeff Goodman

Now it makes sense why other guys started to “withdraw” their names from consideration last night. They were trying to save face because they were likely informed Marquette had made a decision and it wasn’t them. I’m initially happy with this hire because he’s a “name” coach even as an assistant at Duke. But thinking about this long term, I’m a bit concerned he isn’t long for this job. He has widely been known to be the “coach in waiting” at Duke once Coack K decides to call it a career but that might not be for another 5 years according to Coach K himself. Marquette fans have been talking about how they don’t want their coaching position to be a stepping stone. Well they might have just hired a coach who sees this job as jus that.

For Wojciechowski this makes a lot of sense. He will go to a school with huge backing for the basketball program. He’ll get a nice pay increase and he will get some head coaching experience. Obviously there is a risk involved that he  could fall flat on his face and then maybe his chances of heading back to Duke in a few years takes a hit but I have a feeling he will be successful. The issue for Marquette will be that they might have to go through another coaching search in 3-5 years if and when the Duke job opens up. But for now, I like this hire and think he will be successful. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the recruits stick around now. To me, this is a better move than a Ben Howland and I’m sure we will see some floor slapping going on at Marquette now.

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