Rapid Reaction: Friars Keep the Dream Alive #pcbb #BlueCarpet

This one started out ugly with both teams seemingly playing with a lid on the rim. But PC managed to finish the first half shooting 44% somehow and took a 2 point lead into the break, 28-26. The scoring in the first half was pretty balanced for the Friars but Cotton took control of the scoring in the second half.

Providence was able to gain some separation and it seemed like the teams were just reading baskets for stretches in the latter portion of the second half. Seton Hall continues to struggle at home and they seem destined for the CIT at best. Providence, though, is still alive for the Big Dance. They had to win tonight and they did. They still have work to do. Tuesday’s matchup against Marquette is huge and the Friars have traditionally struggled against the Golden Eagles, including their worst first half scoring performance in nearly a decade earlier this season in Milwaukee. Tuesday is also Senior Night and the Dunk better be packed despite the Tuesday night 9pm start.

Cotton finished with 24 points. Batts, Henton and Harris were the other Friars in double figures (14, 13, 11). Fortune hit some key shots and was 2/5 from beyond the arc.

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