Dear Providence College Students, Getcha Heads in the Game #pcbb

With the news breaking on Twitter last night that the game will be blacked out in the dorms, that’s one more excuse to throw by the wayside. We’ll see if they just straight up don’t care if they don’t show tonight.

Dear Providence College Students, Getcha Heads in the Game

The members of the Men’s Basketball Team, who proudly wear the colors of our school, have been exceeding expectations and surging their way toward the top of the Big East. It seems, however, that many of you have failed to notice the accomplishments and efforts of your fellow classmates. Attendance and participation on the part of the student body have been flat-out pathetic.

The Dunkin Donuts Center has always been a venue that has made life uncomfortable for opposing teams, even moving some opponents to tell ESPN Magazine that they hated and dreaded playing at the Dunk. The student section has always been a main contributor to these antics.

Any proud Friar alum will tell you that attending Men’s Basketball games as a student and witnessing big moments, such as wins over Michigan in 1976, UNC in 1978, and Pittsburgh in 2009, were highlights of their time on campus.

It is beyond disappointing that during syllabus week, on a Saturday afternoon, against Xavier, a team the Friars may be fighting for an NCAA Tournament bid, many of you failed to show up. You are depriving yourselves of one of the better experiences you can have at PC. Trust us, when you graduate, you’ll wish you had gone to more of these.

With that, we encourage you to put on your black, white, and silver and show up, stand up, and get loud on February 4th for the next Friar home game vs. St. John’s and at the remaining home games this year. Show your support for Coach Cooley, Bryce, Kadeem, LaDontae, and the rest of the team, who are putting together a very special season.

A major Division I college basketball atmosphere is not the same without the student body.


Rick Treleaven ‘09, Ryan Holt ‘09, and Fellow Friar Fanatics from PC Class of 2009

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