’s Sean Brennan: Cooley at Home at Providence #pcbb

Nice piece by Sean Brennan at with a bunch of good quotes from Coach Cooley.

“I feel very fortunate to be the head coach of Providence College,” said Cooley, now in his third season with the Friars. “Having grown up here in Providence, having seen all the great coaches come through here, I was a Friar fan at birth. I went to the camps here starting with (former Providence coaches) Rick Pitino and Gordie Chiesa and I worked the camps when (former Providence coaches) Rick Barnes and Tim Welsh were here. Being a head coach here really is a dream opportunity. At the end of the day I think jobs are about fit and I think we’re the right fit for one another in this time and place.”

It’s a rare thing when childhood dreams actually come true, even if they are delayed a bit, as was the case for Cooley.

“I wanted to attend Providence College but I wasn’t talented enough” said Cooley, who was a two-time Rhode Island High School Player of the Year at Providence’s Central High before playing collegiately at Stonehill College. “We were brought up on BIG EAST and Providence basketball and being from Providence, there aren’t many people from Providence that aren’t Friars fans. I was probably the biggest Friar fan. I remember Otis Thorpe when he was playing and Ricky Tucker when he played. It’s just a great tradition and for me to be part of this organization, I feel blessed.”


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