@AnonymousEagle – Buzz Williams Needs To Look At The Future #pcbb #mubb

Marquette fans really seem to be down in the dumps. If you mosey over to one of their message boards, you will see and familiar thing to many Friar fans: despair, hopelessness, negative nancies (as cWo would say). There is a lot of questioning of lineups and who is getting what and how many minutes. They seemingly have given up on this season (remember when that was us 3 weeks ago?). This article from the Marquette sports blog Anonymous Eagle discusses some of the current issues and then advises Buzz Williams to give up on this year and start looking to the future. It’s a pretty good read to get an idea of what is going on at Marquette this year and also might serve to give PC fans some perspective that we aren’t the only ones who seem to have issues.

One of my favorite lines from this story is bolded below:

Now Marquette sits at 11-9 overall, and 3-4 in league play. KenPom.com currently predicts Marquette to finish 8-10, although a more positive minded person would point out 1) individual game predictions has MU at nine wins and 2) included in the losses are trips to Seton Hall and St. John’s, both of which you’d like to think that Marquette can find a way to win. A more negative minded person would point out the rampaging dumpster fire that is Marquette’s defense in conference games (106.6 points per 100 possessions) and that the wins include home dates with Providence, Butler, Georgetown, and Xavier. A more neutral minded person would point out that Marquette is nowhere near an NCAA tournament caliber profile and will probably have to run the table in the regular season to earn an at large bid and point at both the positive and negative views for reasons why that’s probably not happening.


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